Paroles officielles de la chanson «Hand In Hand» : Idrissa Diop

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Hand In Hand"

The way that music is in you makes you say
What's on your mind relate to life
No matter what you've been through
Music will comfort and unwind all of you
Music goes hand in hand with life.
In my life music helps to unwind
If relates to all our life ha ha ha.
Bon tangué ba tangué
Nieuweule thi music bé
Mou sérale sa xolé
N'dakh yala mo sakeu music bé
Monlaye bégueule goudek beutieuk
Kone nieuweule thi m'barmé
Thi m'barmé, thi m'barmé.
Yé bou luwé, ba luwé
Diqueule thi gueuve bé
Ma tangale sa garamé
N'dakh bo xol music bé
Moye bégueule adouna bi
Kone nieuveule thi biré, gnou fétié
Thi gueuve bé. Thi gueuve bé.