Paroles de la chanson «Follow Me» :

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Paroles de la chanson "Follow Me"

Cause-metic thee inergetic bring it to you
Like of ultra magnetic M.C.'s spread think from
Space comen with tha bass mic range comen
Threw as I come like Dr. Strange
Rearangen tha galaxy hit chou wit tha
Technicality hu hu (follow follow me)
(Follow me)
Pick up the tempo as we freak tha style
Make you wonna sit down to the jungle
Style tha one Marc EM pick tha one
Dyna soon Tryna hit chou wit Tharaw
Comen thew maintain wit tha style like
Hard core this one can break ya brain spin it
Back like the record on blowin up the spot
By tha second you see how we did it yes yes I
Must mid it yes yau sit wit to make you
Jump up jump up move ya move ya move ya but
As I rock tha rhythm you wyle tha D.J. rock tha cut
Smooth and direct as I rock tha soul comen with
Tha bass as I come like Dr. Strange rearangen tha
Galaxy hit cha wit tha technicality hu hu follow
Follow me - follow me -
Can you move ya but can you move ya body as you
Sit into tha sound as we rock tha party as you say
La-di-da-di- ok. I just started o'm about tha
Bring it to you sit retarted sit you loose an direct
Just like ol Syco wit tha super Califras lelistic style
That be type nitro 1000 conbuction to go mill
Styles on tha real just can not ignor hit chou wit tha
Raw just like of chain saw comen rugged like the chain

Tha masica you burnin like the holocaust
Max of million yes ta be tha boss to be in right
In exact to move the crowd jungle style ballistic
When I come tha galactica battle star galactica
Yes o'm from Africa comen to you live and direct
With the style on tha set there's no time for eject
E.F.F.E.C.T. in effect as I comen threw your tape deck
Cd record player can't delay tha style tha I brought like
Buffy tha Vampire slayer tha rime sayer allways on
To it and when it comes down to it pump up tha pump
Pump tha sound tha sound pump up tha sound
Pump up tha sound follow me-follow me-follow me
Follow me follow me tha sound pump up tha
Sound pump up tha sound follow-me follow-me
Follow me follow-me follow me follow me
Feel tha funk vibe, feel tha electrofunk vibe
As we inter in to your mind micro chip in you
Until you begin to believe tha raw ness hass arrived
Spread think from space comen with tha bass mid range
Comen threw as I come like Dr. Strange rearangen tha galaxy
Hit chou wit tha technicality hu hu follow follow me
Space travel follow me follow me space travel
As I rock than rythm wyle tha D.J. follow me hit chou wit tha
Technicality hu hu follow-me follow me rock the cub, follow me
Hit chou wit tha technicality follow me follow me
Hit chou wit tha technicality hu hu follow rock the cut follow me
Rock tha cut follow me follow me Marc EM dynamax
Seduction completed.