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Grey Reverend
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Biographie de Grey Reverend

Grey Reverend is the solo project of songwriter L.D. Brown. He began the project in 2005 while living in Philadelphia P.A, focusing on guitar and voice as a primary means of expression. Raised on a variety of musical genres, L.D. began playing the saxophone at age 9, but didn’t discover his main instrument, the guitar, until the age of 22
 L.D’s first years in Philadelphia as a musician were spent performing and recording with artist such as Steve Gunn, The Late Jack Rose, Chris Powell of ManMan, and Cynthia G Mason. L.D was also studying music theory on his own and learning from his mentor, the legendary guitarist Pat Martino.

A sea change occurred in L.D’s approach to the guitar when he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Focal Dystonia, which limited the use of both of his hands and temporary sidelined his career
 Determined to find a way to keep playing, “Grey Reverend” was born out of a desire to write his own music from simple song formula while maintaining a textural complexity, which he found to be lacking in contemporary acoustic music. In 2006 L.D. moved to New York City, where he currently lives, and spent most of his early time there writing songs and performing them for Rats and People in the subways. “It was a good experience". Grey Reverend music has been showcased on MTV, ABC ,NBC, HBO ,BBC and other networks worldwide, and has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, as well as The Huffington Post

L.D. has released three GR records (since 2011) and has collaborated with a wide range of artist throughout the world. He claims that music is one of the 'purest' ways to connect with people.

In describing Grey Reverend’s sound, David Garland of WNYC radio in New York put it eloquently when he said “As Grey Reverend, LD Brown makes compelling songs with reverence for the grey, undeïŹned areas of style, and without concern for standard musical, or social expectations.”

A modern bluesman

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