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Biographie de Wakey!wakey!

Wakey!wakey! est un groupe de pop alternative formé en 2007 à Richmond, US.
Il est mené par Michael Grubbs (acteur de One Tree Hills).
Leur premier album 'Silent as a Movie ' est sorti en 2007.

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loulouche Il y a 11 an(s) 1 mois Ă  00:59
5241 2 2 4 loulouche Here are the Lyrics: Lily I love you, Lily I love you Lily I love you but I just don't sleep Maybe it's you, maybe it's me Trying to be everything I think you need Maybe you love me, maybe you don't Maybe I'm scared of waking up alone If you're gonna leave then you better say so But Lily, I really really hope you don't Take my love She's an animal She's got fallen stars for her eyes Shines so bright Constellations They burn jealous of her light I don't want to wake up Draped in gold In her palms she holds me So carelessly and so young Get too close She will rip you open Then she'll turn to me and just smile Don't make me wake up without you Animal When you toss and turn In between tall trees at night In your dreams Is it me you see In your eyelids clenched so tight I donÂŽt own any rights of this Song!
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