Paroles officielles de la chanson «Saddest Of Sounds» : David Zincke

Compositeurs : David Zincke
Auteurs : David Zincke
Chanteurs : David Zincke
Arrangeurs : Mehdi Parisot
Éditeurs : Universal Music Publishing, Dime On Songs
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Saddest Of Sounds"

Saw you left me without warning
I was up by eight
Had some breakfast on but I'm sure you didn't want to be late
I could tell by the look of your shoeshine that you must have been out late
You know the drinkings fine but someone's got to carry the weight

I said oh you know I wanna go
Put your best foot forward and leave like I Wasn't alone

You know I remember how it was when you were young
Cine films on Betamax and some mothers do have em

I said oh you know I'm looking to go
I put a record on and I dance like there's nobody home

I spent many a year alone now feeling sorry for myself
I didn't realise that I was so long on the shelf
I said oh you know I'm feeling old
But last time I looked I had a sign on my soul that said sold

Sometimes happiness comes from the saddest of sounds
When you feel left out
Don't feel left out

If you don't make the same mistakes I did
I'm sure you're gonna be much easier to live with

Close your eyes and smile
Time may take a while