Paroles officielles de la chanson «Caramelle» : Pritchard Bill

Compositeurs : Thomas Deligny, Pritchard Bill
Auteurs : Pritchard Bill
Chanteurs : Pritchard Bill
Éditeurs : Peermusic France
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Caramelle"

In a flat above a bar
He swanned in with a boat not a car
He was large his largesse well known
His curtained cardigan green
His being super clean

He was well loved by a mother in law
She sat there and his beard took 25 years off her
He had naturel grace cos he didn't think about it
He was au naturel cos his face would always fit


He wrote rather controversial things
That sounded very honest to me
Then he waltzed off in a boat
In the Mediterranean sea


He told me this story that sounded like Noahs Ark
I said I wasn't inflicted by religion
He gave me vinyl full of wind chiures and bells
I said I'll use my imagination


And down the stairs
The world was waiting
For the man with a boat and a bright green coat
And the mother in law had met her match
So up the sail and down the hatch


And would lie run
Or had he rail
Cos he'd finally met his biggest fan

And some who can't And some who can
He's the petrol pump attendant man