Paroles officielles de la chanson «Trouble On Wheels» : Joe Louis Walker

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Trouble On Wheels"

You're leaning closer baby
Looking in my eyes
There's something about me woman
You just don't realize
What you want
Is something that's real
But what you' re goin' to get this evening
Lord, is trouble on wheels
Your power is strong
And you'ved tamed many men
Your little bit of power baby
Lord's, goin' to come to an end
The men all bow down
To your sexy ways
You've met your match pretty baby
Don't you know i'm trouble on wheels
Sometimes you want
What you can't get
The road to desire, baby
Is paved with regret
You never will, you never will
What you got now baby is trouble on wheels
You think you can change me baby
If you love me enough
You think you can hold me baby
Lord, but you ain't that tough
You think you' re something baby
In perfume and high heels
You ain't seen nothin'
I'm trouble on wheels