Paroles officielles de la chanson «Spring Is Here» : Eddy Mitchell

Chanteurs : Eddy Mitchell
Auteurs : Moine Claude, Mort Schuman
Compositeurs : Mort Schuman
Éditeurs : Emma Productions, Industrial Music S.a.
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Spring Is Here"

Zip zippy zippy doo dah
Hi hippie hip hooray
A birdie came by, told me
What was happening today
(To chorus)
I woke up my old lady
In a very special way
She said honey that feels so good
What's happening today

I put on my Adidas
No need to take the car
Just doing a Gene Kelly
Right down to my favourite bar

The barman said "the usual"
With the usual disdain
I looked him in the eye and said
Three magnums of Champagne

I did one on the spot
Now I was feeling hot
I ran back home and hollered
Honey, look here what I've got

We tasted all the bubbles
And other fine delights
And did the Kamasutra
Backwards all through the night

When I woke up in the morning
My head was feeling bad
My baby bit my ear and said
On what a time I've had

I tried to get back on my feet
But I couldn't move my head
So I decided we'd spend springtime
Lying here in bed

Oh spring is here
Oh spring is here
Spring is here, go on let it ring
Spring is here, ding ling ding
Spring is here, go do your thing
Background :
Spring is here
It's time to do your thing
Spring is here…
Go on and do your thing