Paroles officielles de la chanson «Rainbows» : Malia

Compositeurs : André Manoukian
Chanteurs : Malia
Auteurs : Malia Chamley
Éditeurs : Universal Music Publishing, L Affiche Rouge
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Rainbows"

Rainbows moonbeams, fireflies in my dreams
Waterfalls gently fall, gently fall
Sun is kissing my face, my face

I take off all my clothes, so I'm free I want to grow
To be me touch the sky I wanna go
Lightening strikes opens up heavens gates so divine
That I fall on my knees so bittersweet

Something strange is moving around in my memory
I have found cobblestones hurt my bones,
Hurt my bones
Happiness is not what it seemed

Galaxies and the moon moving around not too soon
Like a clock like my heart they never dock
Ladybirds in the trees and man must have his dreams
To be true to the now, now I must go

Rainbows, moonbeans, fireflies in my dreams
My dreams