Paroles officielles de la chanson «Dancing Kile A Monkey» : Curry Coco

Chanteurs : Curry Coco
Compositeurs : Przybylski Sylvain, Priem Thomas
Auteurs : Przybylski Sylvain, Priem Thomas
Éditeurs : Peermusic France
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Dancing Kile A Monkey"

Oh god i'm sweating
I'm sweating like i never did before
My togs are way too tight
And i feel way too old to wear these shorts
Those people think i'm fooling around
I'm such a joker in their eyes

But i'm actually dancing
And i swear i'm doin' the best i can
I hate nightclubbing
I don't know why i didn't go home yet
Some kind of social suicide
Well, anyway,
I'm used to swallowing my pride
So i am

Dancing like a monkey
And uncannily
I'm feeling happy, yeah,
I'm really happy now !

"push it to the limit"
Is quite a great song to dance on
I'm getting enthusiastic
And i don't wanna go home anymore
Let's say i've got a special style
I could even manage to raise a smile
I am