Paroles officielles de la chanson «Million Miles» : Agoria

Compositeurs : Agoria
Chanteurs : Agoria
Auteurs : Mcvey Cameron Andrew, Kent Matthew, Cherry Neneh
Éditeurs : Peermusic France
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Million Miles"

I walked 2 million miles
For a prince in my soul

I walked 2 million miles
Climed 2 thousand years

If I could make it 2 hundred

COULD I Behave (in)
I could walk a million miles

I just wanna know
Will you gonna go (BIS)

Could I Would I make it
If I waited in waitin’ for you
Could I
Could I make it a mountain for me

If I climed to me
You’ll must
Would I’ve been say just fine
My tempers be so blind

Oh Am I just (BIS) foolish and blind
Or Am I just a tricker happy fool in for my tears

Looking out
Tell me what you can see

One in a million,
In a million (4fois)
Can I Clim a million miles (4 fois)

Take it by the hill (4 fois)

Could I clim a million milles (BIS°

I won’t need money in pats
I ve just keep compartments fast
Could stay …..