Paroles officielles de la chanson «Hindsight» :

Compositeurs : Beth Hirsch
Auteurs : Beth Hirsch
Éditeurs : Universal Music Publishing
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Hindsight"

Vision that you're holding
Relished til it makes you whole
Push it out - the pull can't get
No bolder
Go on honey - buzz to heaven
This boy's being mine
Combed enough your hives to
Differentiate the kinds
Oh, the turns that take these tables
Our cards face up mark down into
Then changes crack the frame like thunder
Do you wonder ? Cause I do...
Who's to say it we're too happy
Who will tell, not I
Wrestling this devil for I swear
The final time
Oh, discouraging illusion
That it's not you who gets to choose
If panic never made us blunder
Do you wonder ? Cause I do...
Don't bend away framall
Your height
And curse this magic
Etched in Hindsight
To grow hold, while you mumble
To yourself, "Oh well, but fuck,
Then again" - just hum, I'm sure
The tune's divine
In every undulation
In curves so rich to feel you through
Cause over everything that's under
Do you wonder? Bet you wonder
Cause I do...