Paroles officielles de la chanson «Indian Dream» : Labo Orchestra

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Indian Dream"

She's the lady with the white face
Walkin' through the sky
Step by step
She's givin' you a hand ..
And then a smile to say you'll really like goin' on
You reach the sky and then you see the dawn...
You great man is here like naked and humble
Seeing all around so many people standing
With a smile in their eye
But none look for you
Just waiting step by step to reach the sky...
That's enough, you wanna go back
But the lady disappeared
Then the sun is gettin' red
As everything's burnin'
And your minds movin' up to some other kind of place
With deaths horrible face
It's like a big bang damned game you've played with the charmin' grace
That left you there
Waitin' in waitin' in vain
It's too tight, too tight, too tight