Paroles officielles de la chanson «Nervous Breakdown» : The Dude

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Nervous Breakdown"

If I ever ever ever catch you with another man
Me a goh box you, and kick you, oonu better understand
Me get psycho and crazy like the man norman bates
Tek out my knife, chiggidy chop, all over the place
Me go rarrgh, like a grizzly bear
You better stay ina de house if you don't want fi hear
A madman jussa scream, bawl and shoot
If you can't stand the heat ina the kitchen get out
You know I really love you baby eternally
I'll do anything for you cause I want you to see
I'm not really crazy, but baby, don't play me
If I find another man, with my lady, then maybe
I'll take out my gun, two shots, Pum Pum
Mi a goh kill him, lorrrd, him better start run
And then I'll burn up your things, you know what mi ago do
So don't never, ever, never, ever, let me catch you
Can't believe you'd do this to me
She tek away my colour t.V.
She gone mad and she on di run
I can't shoot her cause she tek way mi gun.