Paroles officielles de la chanson «Neverending Blast» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Neverending Blast"

Flesh of steel may rust & crack
Time, Innocence, never come back

We sometimes gaze so long at our purpose
Can’t even see the world didn’t pause
As we pursue our Absolute
We finish lost, empty-handed
When they all seem to have it all…

Getting bald or losing it all,
Your health, your teeth, your cash
Your distant friends: you Fall…

Get ready to bite, to spit, to yell
With scorn and bile, tear out the veil,
Galvanised,rushing through your veins,
Radiant energy roaring for Pains

Feel the boiling blood

Feel, and feel again, the Eternity of the Instant
Feel the blast,Fuel the Fire, Embrace the Pyre

So Suffer and Suffer more,
Rage & Blast, once again, forevermore:
Only Violence transforms us deep!
Only Pain sharpens our Teeth!

We Suffer and Suffer forevermore,
Rage & Blast,
‘Cuz in the End, we get it ALL!

Violence and Pain NEVER deceive!
As you chin up, as Hell’s bells chime,
Carried upwards, downwards, be sure
That all Men, fakery may die
Aggression, Fire and Passion never lie!