Paroles officielles de la chanson «High Energy» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "High Energy"

Woo-woo- woo-woo
High every woo-woo woo-woo
High energy ????? L to the E
Welcome to the future J.U.N.G.L.E. to the to the
E you want the jungle style we sit live
Woo woo high every thee intention was
Just to rock the house as we brought it to you
Woo woo no no no doubt hu hu hu this one I
Spring up from the under just ta make you
Wonder yes wonder wonder just to make you think
Jungle style J.U.N.J. to the E. As I rock the beat
You can see from N.Y.C. all the way to France put ya
Mind in of trance as we in hance dance and dance
An hu dance and dance an yes ha ha ha ha woo woo
High enery -woo woo high enery woo-woo
High enery -woo woo high enery woo-woo
High enery. Move around move around
Inside as we sit down as I persoo ta bring
It to you, yes I am the Z.U.L.U. zulu comen threw
Once and for all. As we rock it out the ball blow it out
The sook it strate strate to the heavens above
To the space, the sky, you can't denie, because the
Energy yes (high energy) (high energy) (high energy)
Woo-woo because the energy woo-woo high energy
2000 tha 2. with the three neros' all on the case like
If I was Robert Deniro blast in with tha style constant ly
Trash in like assassin my styles constantly attackin
Smackin, jackin, never inter actin never ever
Actin my style on point just like tha action Jackson
No in in inter mood, inter lood, in confusion
I bring tha illusion like tha lords comen threw wit
Power sords woo-woo high energy
Woo-woo high energy woo-woo high energy
Woo-woo high energy I come threw spring in up
From tha under to make you wonder woo-woo
Just came just came just when you thought I fell
Off I came threw one time one more above
Yes I shine on rime on time on clime on
As as I blast on blast off like the fantastic 4
Here comes of style ya just can't ignor D.Y.N.A
Dyna-old school like of Dina soul (woo-woo high energy)
Because ha energy woo-woo high energy woo-woo
High energy because ha energy yes high energy
Ener gy gy gy gy feel tha bass woo-woo woo-woo
Woo-woo because tha energy woo-woo high energy
Woo-woo high energy inside woo-woo high energy
Woo-woo high energy rock tha house high energy
High energy because tha energy high energy
High energy high energy high energy woo-woo yes
Woo-woo high energy sy sy sy