Paroles officielles de la chanson «Wolves» : Marie Flore

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Wolves"

Wolve s breath

I remember there was a cold wind
And i thought was one of the wolves' breath
And the forest is still asleep

Til the birds start to sing
A song that is collapsing
On my mind
They're flying high / and round

So they could observ how teeth would
Tear down our bodies

They bite stronger than i thought
All you ll find is torn coat
Would you listen
Please listen what i have to say

From the top of the roof
Would you tell me
Please tell me
Wich god do i have to pray for

Will he listen
What i have to say

Will he tell me
Wich prayer should i say

What i haaaaaaaaaaave...
What i haaaaaaaaaaave...

I said i was in love and i think i meant it
Had a way to live and i was trying to change it
He didnt give me time didnt give me his ears
And i was consumed from inside by my own fears
Was really trying hard even if he didnt see that
Calling me a liar not showing me the light
Dont know if that's something that i should say
His fucking words been on my mind all day