Paroles officielles de la chanson «A Love Eternal» : Freddy Sahin Scholl

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "A Love Eternal"

Cool and smooth,
Like ice in the dark
I can have whatever I want
I slip in and away
No one dares
To ask me to stay.
Touch me once, the heat of my skin
It burns you baby, so do it again
Shut the door,
Turn off the light,
Come here

A love eternal,
A timeless melody.
I sing to you in sweet surrender,
Let us cherish this moment,
Now before the dawn
Lights up the sky
Baby yeah, I might make you cry,
You'll never know until I try.

Maybe I'll just leave you all alone,
Or laugh,
When you call me on the phone.

I can read
That look in your eyes.
You're givin' in to me
Cause you realize.
Nobody delivers it
Quite like me,
Shut the door
And you will see.