Paroles officielles de la chanson «It's Not Ok» : The Enemy

Chanteurs : The Enemy
Auteurs : Thomas Clarke
Éditeurs : Emi Music Publishing France
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "It's Not Ok"

Stop living your life by the alarm
That wakes you up every day at eight
Leave your Peugeot on the forecourt
It's all too much for you to take.

Your girlfriend don't love ya
But still she slaves to make a home for you to stay,
The people above ya, they keep you held down
The points, the points you'd love to make yeah

Leaning on your fence when you told me
That you were gonna make lots of money
Be a princess, diamonds and cigarettes
Rolling out the carpet of regrets
Now you're not so young it's too easy
To be a dreamer, wake up and be free
Your clock is ticking fast friend, believe me
You only get one chance can you hear me?
It's not ok to be this way
Not ok to be a slave.

Stop living your life by the man in the tie
He's just a fool the same as you
His daughter don't love him
But still he slaves to make a way for her to choose.

Her teenage dreams are here tonight
But in the morning they'll be gone
Washed away by the minimum wage
The same, the same as everyone.