Paroles officielles de la chanson «Dancing Now» : The B 52S

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Dancing Now"

Love is gone
But just for a while
It's full speed ahead
Now I can smile
You twisted my heart
With your wicked plan
But I saw the signs
Before I, I melted in your hands

I finally broke through
Dancin' now
Before I broke down
Dancin' now
I was no fool
Dancin' now
You messed around
Dancin' now

I didn't fall for anything
I landed on my feet

Yeah you -thought I would crash
But I broke through
Dancing on the edge of the flames
Showing the burn ignoring the pain
(Dancin' dancin' dancin')
(Oooh edge of the flames)

I finally broke through (dancin now)
Before I broke down
I was no fool, (dancin now) you messed around

Venus went away
To a lonely outer star
Now she's back
And here we are
Now's she's back and
Here we are

I finally broke through
(Before you broke down)
I was no fool
(No you were a clown)
I'm dancing on the edge
(The edge of a flame)
Showing no burn
(And showing no pain)