Paroles officielles de la chanson «Alive With The Glory Of Love» : Say Anything

Chanteurs : Say Anything
Auteurs : Max Bemis
Éditeurs : Emi Music Publishing France
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Alive With The Glory Of Love"

When I watch you, I want to do you right where you're standing
Right on the foyer, on this dark day, right in plain view of the whole ghetto
The boots stomp meadows but we ignore that, you're lovely, baby, this war is crazy
I won't let you down
Hell no, I won't let them take you
When our city, vast and shitty, falls to the axis, they'll search the buildings
Collect gold fillings, wallets and rings but Ms. Black Eyeliner, you'd look finer
With each day in hiding, beneath the wormwood, oh, love me so good
They won't hear us screw away the day, I'll make you say
Our Treblinka is alive with the glory of love
Should they catch us and dispatch us to separate work camps, I'll dream about you
I will not doubt you with the passing of time
Should they kill me, your love will fill me as warm as the bullet
I'll know my purpose, this war was worth this
Alive, alive, alive with love!
Alive with love, tonight!