Paroles officielles de la chanson «An Orgy Of Critics» : Say Anything

Chanteurs : Say Anything
Auteurs : Max Bemis
Éditeurs : Emi Music Publishing France
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "An Orgy Of Critics"

Sweep the black super market! Sweep it up with your teeth!
Put your feather in a box! (Take off! Take off!)
Send it off to me!
I smell oxygen, precious.
Bareback on your horse, gallop off course.
Get off, get off get off
Filled with fury's force.

There's a fire in the peach pit, a blaze in the snake pit.
You erased it but we saw you fake it.
There's blood on the good book, love in the bad brook.
Suck out all the nerve and make it yours

You brought me to my knees.
Your art, it brought me to my knees.

You're so perfect to please us! You make all the right noise!
Get the business clothes off! (Take off! Take off!), and strip down to your voice!
We will show you your future and choke the air from your world
You can be our once-twice-thrice-four times the goodbye girl

There's a crack in the blank stare, back in the black raised hair
It's not fair
I don't know who told you that but it's a lie
Believe me
I swear I shall not deceive thee
I don't know who sold you that but it's fake
Remind me
My eyes see straight behind me
I've never killed nobody
I promise you're my first, you always remember your first