Paroles officielles de la chanson «Let's Get Crazy» : Limbeck

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Let's Get Crazy"

Hey man, I've been talking to your friend
And she seems like a good friend
Are there any problems you see
But what's that got to do with me
Well I l already know her
I know what she's done before
And when I ever see her around
I find the way out
But you can do what you want to do
It's no thing to me
But if I were on the shore with you
I wouldn't go in the sea
When I gave up my heart
It didn't hurt
No, it didn't hurt
It's like I said from the start
It's never gonna work
No never gonna work
It's just crazy
What's wrong with having a good time
I guess it would be alright
But you're gonna get so much more
She's never gonna leave you alone
I can't say I'll feel sorry for you
Because I already warned you
I'm not saying that she's so bad
Well I guess I am
You'll spend too much time talking back and fourth
After a while, maybe she'll come over
Your friends will start to talk and you'll probably ignore them
A week or two will pass on then
(badness will ensue)