Paroles officielles de la chanson «Sunset Limited» : Limbeck

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Sunset Limited"

You're sleeping on the bed right in front of me
I found some paper by the desk in the lobby
I'm trying quiet not to wake you up
As the Tucson sun is coming up
I couldn't sleep
There's a TV in the lounge
But the buttons confuse me
You're in there trying to look some things up
As the Tucson sun is coming up

Street lights are turning off
The guests are waking up

As the train keeps rolling by like every hour
And the cars start stumbling by outside
It's time to find the way to my room
To get some sleep

I'm trying to find the way to Bisbee
With a map that I found in the lobby
Stop for a shot from a little shop-owner
With that Tucson sun on my shoulders
Then you go through the Mule Pass tunnel
And this town has got the biggest hole I've ever seen
Hot sun's going down over Bisbee

Street lights are turning on again
Everyone's going home
Look out the window
Got to run to get home
See, this trains only going home three times a week
So I've got to get out
Of this hotel room
Run through the lobby with my stuff, across the street

To that train that's been rolling through the whole night long
As the cars start rumbling by, I'm stumbling across the street
The air outside's still got the heat from the day
I'm running through the doors, weaving through the seats
In the station praying that they wait
One minute more
Stay until I climb aboard
And find myself a seat
To get some sleep