Paroles officielles de la chanson «Skinnny Mean Man» : Say Anything

Chanteurs : Say Anything
Auteurs : Max Bemis
Éditeurs : Emi Music Publishing France
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Skinnny Mean Man"

I saw, I smelled what he did to you, girl
And, to be frank, the thought makes my innards curl
How he preyed on your ripe insecurities
The thorn in your side is alive, and it's killing me
Obscure records entombed in his room with mechanical lust
Diapered, desolate middle-aged doom
On your knees in his downtrodden shit eating grin of a room
If only you'd meet me here soon
If only you'd start breathing, I'd court you exclusively
With my shovel I'm pounding earth `til suddenly I see

You awake from the dirt and the grime
Stretch your fractured pretzel spine
Out to take your revenge for the crime
Filled with fire and finally mine

Paraded you around like a second place prize
Hair done up, black holes painted on your eyes
Held a book burning in your back yard
While your parents observed from their window, slightly scarred
And I've watched with my shovel in hand
I have in faith in you child.
From his nightmares I've plucked a plan
Where that prick is revealed to the world as a wicked man
This is a prayer from your biggest fan
If only you could see me, we'd dance like a heart attack
With a wail you let them know you're furious, you're back

You awake from the grave that he dug
Pulsing, boiling, angry blood
Well aware that I'm falling in love
Filled with fire, I'm drinking gasoline to make it go faster
Gasoline will make it grow much faster