Paroles officielles de la chanson «Four Walls Cry» : The Zutons

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Four Walls Cry"

If the world was oblong shaped
Then you would make it square
Just to let the whole world know
That you were standing there
And if I had a chance or way
To tell you how I feel
You would make the four walls cry
To let me know you're real

It's a good job that I love you girl
And hold you close to me
To let you think that I'm ok
And never show I'm weak
The time spent in discontent
And never leave your side
But sometimes I can't hold it down
I can never hide the fact
That I love you

You know I've been a friend of yours
For god knows how long now
And all the stress that we've been through
And still we carry on
But when we get together boy
Nothing matters more
I've been on down that road you know
I've tried it once before

Now I'm magnetized again I'm filling up with glue
It only ever leaves my pores
When I'm close to you
You make me stall on everything
If everything should stop
At least I know I've got you now
And this thing can go on

Cause I love you