Paroles officielles de la chanson «Ghost» : Skip The Use

Chanteurs : Skip The Use
Compositeurs : Mathieu Monnaert
Auteurs : Mathieu Monnaert
Éditeurs : Bmg Rights Management (France)
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Ghost"

8 o’clock in the morning, too hard to give, too hard to live
It's true that I can't stop dreamin', do you know what I mean ?
You've opened your lovely eyes, you stay hidden but I see your smile
I wanna stay inside your arms, I wanna feel fine.

20 minutes and I'm ready
It's not raining today,
I'm late and I must hurry
Welcome to my way
I don't wanna wear this I'm sorry
It's not raining today,
Through the mist I can see.

Time is running out
A ghost’s keeping me alive
I get what he means
You have to survive.

I've taken the road
We are playing tonight
Ever since this mornin'
Your kisses on my skin
What’s your plan tonight?
Will you think of me
Will you talk to me?
I want more

I know and you know that I miss you
Have a nice day...

I feel so cool, I feel so nice, every night my love I'm walking on this stage for you (strutting the stage for you; I’m playing this gig for you)
It's true I've found the only way to heaven, every day ....

I know and you know that I miss you
Have a nice day...