Paroles officielles de la chanson «New Jersey Cross Concrete» : Herman Dune

Compositeurs : Herman Dune
Auteurs : Herman Dune
Chanteurs : Herman Dune
Éditeurs : Ya Ya Tova, Sony Atv Music Publishing Bv
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "New Jersey Cross Concrete"

I fell asleep on a roadtrip
And the snow storm made me cross concrete
Between high-speed highway lanes and exit lanes
And I woke up to a sign that said
“for U-turns it’s the second right”
And the thought that I could die
Getting out of my car trying to stop
A crazy blind New Jersey traffic-jam
The thought, it told me:
Hey, David you could have called your parents
You could have sang a beautiful song with your sister
You could have been in the cabin last spring
You could have written something good eventually
You could have told someone you loved you did
And then, by chance, I got back on the road
And I could start
Not thinking about anything that matters
It’s like when I sent that letter
And forgot to write your name on it
It’s like the pictures I took on tour
And never found the film
And back to the radio
“Back In My Arms Again” by the Supremes
And even now, even right now
It doesn’t feel like I could have said it...