Paroles officielles de la chanson «Money» :

Auteurs : Darren Cumberbatch
Éditeurs : Xiii Bis Music
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Money"

Counting money (ah yeah)
Counting money like crazy (ah girl)
Counting money counting money
This is a material world
(make more)

Gotta work make money
Gotta work make money
Counting (make more)

Gotta work make money
Gotta work make money
Counting money

So u really wanna be like the joneses?
Relationships are like War Of The Roses
Focus! the real world we live in ain't bogus
New times, new state of mind. U overs?
Hoods robbing goods for a purpose
Hustlers on street finding ways to serve us
Murders! Even 9 till 5ers gettin nervous
Yo! I feel it in the air we breathe
Money'll never grow on trees
And the Facts Of Life never even mentioned these.
Its crazy!
There's no time to get lazy
Cottons for ya back, food for ya baby
If moneys too tight to mention
Don't worry 'bout it, cos i got good intention
Potential, experienced by credential
No switching, financial bitching. Presidential!


The good life. Me and you
Ain't nothing in the world that we can't do
It can rain down money from the skies above
But money ain't ever gonna buy u love
But i still gotta bring it home
Bills get paid that way
But no man stands alone
So i slave to the microphone
Work hard to the bone
Lookin after my own
If i become a millionaire
It won't mean nothing if u ain't there
We gotta get up to get down
To the color, to the scent, to the feel,
To the sound of m.o.n.e.y,
Gone c.r.a.z.y
(make more)

Gone c.r.a.z.y
(make more)
For the love (ah babe)
Counting money like...
Gone crazy