Paroles officielles de la chanson «Drug Dealer In The Park» : Herman Dune

Compositeurs : Herman Dune
Auteurs : Herman Dune
Chanteurs : Herman Dune
Éditeurs : Ya Ya Tova, Sony Atv Music Publishing Bv
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Drug Dealer In The Park"

I made for you
3 little boxes
3 little square boxes
Made out of pine tree
Then it'd be nice if you
Would put your finger in
And see what you can get
But they are not meant to content

And if next year you find me
Drug-dealing in the park
Would it be a nice way
To make my living?
Would it be to risky?
Would you try to stop me?
Or would you love me
Drug-dealer in the park?

You're making fun of me
And I can notice it
You know what I try to say
And you wouldn't tell me
But if you won't stop it
You'll make a crap of me
A daydreaming living dead
A super zombie

Was that meant to See me blushing?
Then if the blush from my blushing
Suits you for blushing
And if you like blushers
Then I'll blush
And blushing I will take your hand
In order to see you blushing