Paroles officielles de la chanson «We Will Show You» : Smooth

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "We Will Show You"

We will show you
(SMOOTH : David Darricarrère/Nicolas Berrivin/ Christophe Declercq)

Strange day in a wild world
Today I take a trip in the underworld
And I want to be heard!
You see, we are just like you and you
Proud and safe and you know that's true
But, we are Pawn in the game
What is the matter with them?
We are G.M condamne to sale our soul
Life played dice so we fall like a ball
Waiting in a chair and we loose control

See the sceen on the TV screen
The world is suffering, will you stand up if you hear people scream?
No! You stay on the sofa Will you ask you why
So far is the land of cry?
Everyone knows the causes of faintness
But no mess, everyone lives in stress less
Don’t you hear about the word “freedom”?
Just get together and it will become...