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Paroles officielles de la chanson "What Will You Do"

What will you do?

(SMOOTH: David Darricarrère / Nicolas Berrivin / Christophe Declercq)

What will you do if I’m standing
Right in front of you
Will you cry?
Oh Baby I love you

I’m sitting on the floor
I love you more and more
Always dreamin’ like a fool
I’ll tell you pretty words
We ve so much things to learn
I will bring you to my moon

Wild house, Living here is crazy
You treat me like I’m lazy bu it just makes me shady
Desire we were on fire
First time we meet we never thought about disaster
I am not your father, you are not my mother
Don’t want you to treat me like I am a heavy monster
We have fights I have my might might
I never hit you I just care about your right

Broken Glass, stained love
You go to your room
You want me to shove off
But I will stay babe, even if you cry
I won’t give it up with you even if you lie
Baby for the shinny love we stay ready
Tell me why you look at me so saddly
Check me, I am not the man we call “Bad guy”
Do you want a Love, let me don’t be shy.