Paroles officielles de la chanson «Mascara Black» : Inga Liljestrom

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Mascara Black"

Mascara back
This love for you
Painting her eyelashes
This love for you
In the review mirror
Her love is true
Going nowhere and far
Just take me with you

I''ve religion
Jesus hold me tighter
In your sacred arms
In your destined palms
Mary magdalene
Do i give him everything
Do i give up my boots
Bad and brazen

Oh love, the birds are singing
And what will we do with our love?

Oh this love has been so sweet
Honey fed to birds and knees are weak
Make the grown men cry we do
And my heart that was cut out
Cut out for you

Beatrice dalle
You can turn me on
You marry a jailbird
And you whistle his song
Throw your caution to a flock of winds
And they carry you home
Sweet lady sin

(if you love him
You must leave him
This is what she said to me
For his heart
It is burdened
And he belongs to god
And not thee)