Paroles officielles de la chanson «It's Hot (Some Like It Hot)» : Jay Z

Compositeurs : Timothy Z. Mosley
Chanteurs : Jay Z
Éditeurs : Warner Chappell Music France, Wb Music Corp.
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "It's Hot (Some Like It Hot)"

Can't Stop It Nigga, Uh
Mm-Hmm, Uh-Huh, Can't Stop That
Timbaland Uh-Huh.. Jigga Man Uh-Huh
Yeah.. Brook, Brook-Brooklyn Huh?
That's Right
Put Your Motherfuckin Hands Together, Uh-Huh
Put Your Motherfuckin Hands Together
Yo, Can't Stop It

Yo Show Closer, J-To-The-A-Y-Hovah
Place Shutter Down, Who The Fuck'll Fuck Around?
Game Spitter, Range Sitter, Bentley Driver Nigga
Keep A Full Clip I Have To Empty Out On Niggaz
Hoe Bagger, No Slacker, Get This Shit Jumpin
Like Eight Blacks, Fo' Crackers, Get Yo' Ass Jumped
Crist' Sipper, Six Dipper, Wrist Glitter Nigga
Gat Buster, Ass Toucher.. Clit Licker
Go Against Jigga Yo' Ass Is Dense
I'm About A Dollar, What The Fuck Is 50 Cents?
Hot Shit, Kick A Nigga, Turn These Mics Out
My Jewelry So Bright You Can Turn These Lights Out
Hovah's Like Noah Keep Two In The Truck
I'm Like U-Haul; Every Bitch Move When I Fuck
You Move Slut, I Gotta Put Two In Your Butt
I'm Everything: The When's, Why's, Who's, And What
Nigga What?
Hell No You Can't Stop It, When It's Hot It's Hot
My Grind, Keep Me Jumpin Out Of Drop To Drop
My Shine, Lose Your Sight Tryin To Watch The Watch
When There's Drama Jigga Pop, Jigga Pop, Pop

Seperate Myself From The Lame, No You Can't See Me
I'm 6-0-0, You 300 C-E
Give My Ladies Dick, My Young Hoes Pee-Pee
Hits In A Row Like Mj; Hee-Hee!
Since I Was Waist Height, Late Night, Bustin In The Clouds
Runnin Wild, Comin Home Late, Cussin Out My Mouth
Niggaz Said, Bryan Leave Your Cousin In The House
Everytime We Play The Dozen, He's Buggin Out
While Y'all Was