Paroles officielles de la chanson «Fuck Me? Fuck You» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Fuck Me? Fuck You"

Yeah man what the fuck do you want me to do
You want me to phone your girlfriend yeah and apolagise on youe behalf does it look like i got cunt on my forehead

No ones sayin your a cunt but at the end of the day im askin you a favour

Nah man
So what? wouldnt i do the same thing for you

Bruv i would not ask you to phone my girlfriend

Verse1 [teddy mitchell]
Ah you fuckin prick
Sometimes you act like you are dumb or thick
Cant you take the hint that i cant let you in
Your such a pain in the arse you are i should spark your jaw
I hear your?kickinh at my door
On my free fone theres 3 missed calls
Shouting through my letter box all pissed off
I dont give a shit so prick piss off
Plus i got a yatty in the gaff with a batty
That is ready for some lashing from the back
Shes been here scince popworld started an i aint even got to pop her bra yet
All you actually care abouy is football
Every fucking hour its liverpool liverpool
Well youve picked the wrong day prick i dont care if your pissed off you make me sick

Chorusx1[teddy mitchell]
Fuck tony
Fuck tony
Fuck tony
Fuck tony

Verse 2 [tony mitchell]
You unreliable cunt
This is about the third time i have rung
You no im supposed to beat your drum
Kick offs at 2 and its half past1
Look at you in an done
Its the cup final
And you no im a liverpool fan steves my idol
And we both came up with the plan
To tell the guys to
That we were all going to jam in your living room
Infront of the digital
Even when i got the guiness and the chicken pattys who the fuck do you think are gettin me flippin abby
Your takin the liberty your a prick
I go round your house to giv your door a couple of kicks
I bet your in the room right now
With the blinds down but ill soon find out
Your taking the piss last week was my shout
Payed for the box office for that big title bout

Chorusx1 [tony mitchell]
Fuck teddy
Fuck teddy
Fuck teddy
Fuck teddy

For your own sake and future reference mate
Do yourself a favour call 08 702 40 40 40 then you wont have to be callin me callin me callin me
You tight cunt
Get your paper out of your pocket
And pay for the sattelite dish or cable socket
And dont come around here chattin shit again
When im about to get a yatty with a batty in my bed

Next time when youll need a favour bruv
Think before you call cause ill hang up
All cause of you that guy that keeps texyin me endlessly now my box is full with so mant damn messages
U arse ho get your facts strait you sed it was cool to cum an watch the game
So dont make promises you cant keep
Oh ye an im keepin your dvd you cunt

You know dont worry i wont ask you a favour again

I dont give a fuck what you do mate cause know what i mean cause you can try and get me to fone your girl an no what i mean ita no fuckin meals and boobs bosiness around here mate

What you talkin about

I dont give a fuck what you talkin about