Paroles officielles de la chanson «Above The Law» : Barbra Streisand

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Above The Law"

This is me talking to you

tell me what your heart can do ?

take me by surprise, whatever you see

you'll never be alone with me

i close or open the door

telling you that less is more

you cannot disguise whatever you do

no one is above the law

in these dark and troubled times

people just surviving

we live a double life

you'd be safe and warm at home

something else is going on

we don't have to kiss and say no more about it

and if your eyes are watching me


baby, life could be so beautiful

and we become invisible

the pleasure is the punishment

for the crime


break away the chains that bind

it's not enough to be satisfied

it's knowing how it all begins

or knowing where the heart belongs

and we all make mistakes


it's your heart and my heart

and no one can take part

and our love

is love above the law


so you decide we go insane

i know what you came here for

whether you are mine

i'll never be sure

we'll ever be above the law

on this dark and stormy night


(hmm hmm...)


where these walls may hide us


(the walls may hide us...)


you sigh and let me in

you let me hold you in these arms of mine


(one flame inside)


tomorrow is eternity


(temptation eyes)