Paroles officielles de la chanson «Not Since Nineveh» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Not Since Nineveh"

Baghdad! Don't underestimate Baghdad!
A city rich in romantic oriental lore

Baghdad! You must investigate Baghdad!
And learn a few of the facts you never knew before

Due south of the Garden of Eden
Due north of the Gulf of Aden
Where every male and maiden
Is laden down...with the blisses of
Baghdad, this irresistable town

When or where
Could you compare
High life
To the life you find here?
Not since Nineveh, not since Tyre,
Not since Babylon turned to mire
For a sin of a kind we never mind here!
Where or when ever again
Low life
Like the life well known here?
Not since Ninevah, not since Sidon
Not since Jericho started slidin'
From the din of a horn that's never blown here!
Our palaces are gaudier,
Our alley ways are bawdier,
Our princes more autocratic here
Our beggars more distinctly aromatic here
Where could you
Ever pursue
Your life
With the zeal we feel here?
Not since Babylon read that writing,
Not since Jericho heard that trumpet,
Not since Nebuchadnezzar's hanging garden went to pot,
Not since that village near
Gomorrah got
Too hot For Lot!
No, not since Nineveh,
Not since Ninevaheh-eh, eh-eh!