Paroles officielles de la chanson «Live To Tell» : Madonna

Chanson originale : Live To Tell
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Live To Tell"

I Have A Tale To Tell
Sometimes It Gets So Hard To Hide It Well
I Was Not Ready For The Fall
Too Blind To See The Writing On The Wall


A Man Can Tell A Thousand Lies
I've Learned My Lesson Well
Hope I Live To Tell
The Secret I Have Learned, 'Till Then
It Will Burn Inside Of Me

I Know Where Beauty Lives
I've Seen It Once, I Know The Warm She Gives
The Light That You Could Never See
It Shines Inside, You Can't Take That From Me


2nd Chorus:

The Truth Is Never Far Behind
You Kept It Hidden Well
If I Live To Tell
The Secret I Knew Then
Will I Ever Have The Chance Again

If I Ran Away, I'd Never Have The Strength
To Go Very Far
How Would They Hear The Beating Of My Heart
Will It Grow Cold
The Secret That I Hide, Will I Grow Old
How Will They Hear
When Will They Learn
How Will They Know
(2nd Chorus)