Paroles officielles de la chanson «When I Get Grown» : Lil Romeo

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "When I Get Grown"

When I Get Grown I'm Gonna Cherish That Big House On The Hill But For Now, Sit Back And Be A Kid And Keep It Real.

In 10 Years, I Can't Believe Man I'll Be 20. Own A Couple Cars And (?) Livin Good. Kinda [Sorry, What??]...With My Homies We
Been In This Since We's Kids. People Sayin That's Little P Holdin On This Biz. I Remember Hangin On The Block With The Boys
Goin To The Dollar Movies Me And V Played Dodge The Ball. We Had Fun Even Though Times Was Hard. I Mean, Me And Lance Played
Dreamcast. I Can't Believe My Lil Whodie Lost His Life In A Car Crash. One Day You Here Then You Gone. Ya Heard Me?

Grampa Say You Got Game Then You Gotta Have A Plan. I Thank Moms And Pops For Raisin Me Man. I See Kids Get Shot. Some Go To
Jail And When You Die Lil Whodie, Is It Heaven Or Hell. I Wanna Be Like Mike I Mean Ball And Make Money. Keep It Real With My
Peeps And Never Act Funny. I See Kids On Drugs Go To School And Commit Crimes. We Used To Fight, Lil Whodie, But Now It's
Stakes And Knives. Stay In School Get A Job. Education It Goes Fars. Man There's Gotta Be More To Life Than Just Jewelry And