Paroles officielles de la chanson «Who's Your Uncle?» : Uncle Kracker

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Who's Your Uncle?"

Who Brings It To You Oh Oh Who Who Who
I Laid Cuts With Jay And Rocked Rhymes With Run
A Couple Mill In The Bank And I Ain't Even Done
I Got Platnum Plaques, I Write Platnum Tracks
I Got It All From Raps And That's The Platnum Facts...Uhh
All That And There Ain't Nothing I Fear Yet
Sippin' Champagne Up In Company Leer Jets
5 Star Meals, Caribbean Vacations
Everything's Plush Deluxe Accomodations
Nationwide The Stations Vibe
To The Cat Who Covers Tracks Like The Lace On Thighs
My Ace Is High There Ain't Gonna Be No Guessin'
And I'm The Illest Mother Fucker On The Block No Question
I Ain't Destined I Don't Fuck With Fate
Self Made Millionaire While Your Bussin' Plates
You See I've Already Done Everything You Wanna Do
So What Makes You Think I Give A Fuck About You

Detroit To Texas, Texas To La
Who Brings It To You, Who Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh
, Who's You Uncle?
Brooklyn To The Bayou, Across The Southern Plains
Who Brings It To You, Who Ooh Ooh Ooh,
Who's You Uncle?

I Shot Dice With The Devil On Many Occasion
Drank Shots With God In An Old Gas Station
A Couple Accountants That Count My Statements
Cribs All Paid For, No Car Payments
Rocked In Basements For Gas And Beer
And Now I Get All That And Big Loot To Appear
I Couldn't Steer So I Got Me A Chauffeur
Hired A Chef Cuz I Was Tired Of Stouffers
I Got Over And People Showed Envy
Cuz I Couldn't Choose Between A
Lincoln And A Benzy
Fendi Shades And Topless Maids
I Don't Worry About Clothes Cuz Thier Custom Made
I Drink Crushed Up Grapes That Have Been Aged For Years
Your Smokin' Op's Drinkin' 3 2 Beer