Paroles officielles de la chanson «Feng Shui» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Feng Shui"

In This House The Decor Is Obvious Up Scour.
See Clearly The Theory Of Less Is More.
A Plant A Pet And Books On The Shelf.
And A Frame On The Wall Where You Can,
Picture Yourself,
And You're Welcome To Stay.
But Even Your Company Must Complement.
The Feng Shui.
Even Down To What I Have On.
They Do Wonder To What.
Extent I Have Gone.
Tailored And Tapered Couture To The Curb.
Demanding The Attention.
That It Does Deserve.
Fabrics For The Forecast Of The Day
I Admit It
Everything Is Fitted To Fall In Feng Shui.
More Importantly The Way That I Move.
If I'm In Your Town, My Needles Down,
On The Groove.
On Site They Know My Song.
It Ain't Slow And It Sho Ain't Long.
You See I Do Not Play.
Forgive Me Father, I Was Forced,
Out Of Feng Shui.
A Flow As Subtle As A Summer Breeze.
Like The Whispering Winds And
The Talking Trees.
Too Big To Be Boxed In, It Bobs And Weaves.
It Evolves, It Solves, It Gives And Receives.
And Everything I Say Is
Calculated Appropriated
Written And Arranged In Feng Shui!