Paroles officielles de la chanson «Look In My Eyes» : Obie Trice

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Look In My Eyes"


every man determine...

his defintion of realness

what's real to him...

everybody got their own defintion gangsta man...


well this is my defintion of gangsta nigga.

[verse 1]

surprise mothafuckas

you thought i would never rise mothafuckas

this obie trice mothafuckas

look in the eyes of a "real" guy

i ain't got the time for lies

niggaz frontin like they lyin'

nigga your not tough, we seize the bluff

these streets is too heated up for you to front

dre laced the beat "heated" up for you to bumb

real name no gimmicks giving my niggaz what they want

fuck an image and a blunt that ain't rap dawg

be who you wanna be but let it be fact dawg

don't ever let a nigga tell you how you should act dawg

especially when your fucking with automatics gats dawg!

these niggaz ain't playing i'm saying i'm spraying

do my dirty work with my hands i'm a man

laying a nigga down he advance

you fucking with my plans

i'm looking for the truth

[chorus: nate dogg]

look in my eyes, cause i can love i can hate

cause it's a thin line walk around with my chest out

like i got nine lives never will get to your strap

before i find "mine" wonder what the future is like.

look in my eyes, real g's anticipate

they got to have mine all the hoes coppin me out

think it's about time niggaz never open they mouth

cause they know i kinda find hard to figure me out

look in my eyes...

[verse 2]

ayo, obie's looking back

they askin' obie "how you coop with that?"

i coop estically man, i'm kobe bryant rap

i'm so defian