Paroles officielles de la chanson «Hootnanny» : Bubba Sparxxx

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Hootnanny"

I could go number one ten times

pretty girls that like my rhymes

you can say bubba ain't gonna shine

guess what, what (don't really give a hootnanny)

[verse 1 - bubba sparxxx]

now i done banged a heap of +betties+ in various modes of transport

and told them there's the exit, be sure that they close the damn door

the quiet country types is usually those i'm scared for

some scared at first, but usually those demand more

really ain't conceited, i just call myself the cutter bug

a horny little parasite that all these women love to love

tell you what it is today, i ain't concerned with what it was

bubba fittin to get it done, i put that on my brother russ

hear them in the closet, in the kitchen, just a whisperin

bubba so psst psst, knowin that i'm listenin

i ain't got a chain, boy my pecker's all that's glistenin

what ya'll steamin on folk, ya'll in need of discipline

i ain't leavin nothin, this the house me and my people built

huggin me and dappin me, buddy i can see your guilt

it's cold when you're wrong and you lookin like you need a quilt

ya'll matter less everytime this margarita tilt

[chorus] - 2x

[verse 2 - bubba sparxxx]

a lot of ya'll was thinkin that bubba would probably disappear

get some show money from +ugly+ and buy a keg of beer

add another pig to give my other pigs some company

rent a doublewide and just live it out in luxury

in due time, but there's business left to tend to

i need another farm to bequeath my next of kin to

and another track before my great aunt missy

yeah i've been drinkin but i ain't that pissy

thinkin back to when my daddy told me what it's all about

he s