Paroles officielles de la chanson «Get Down» : Nas

Chanson originale : Get Down
Compositeurs : James Brown
Chanteurs : Nas
Éditeurs : Warner Chappell Music France, Golo Publishing Company
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "Get Down"

Get-Get.. Get Down! - [James Brown]

Uh.. Uh.. Uh..
New York Streets Where Killers'll Walk Like Pistol Pete
And Pappy Mason, Gave The Young Boys Admiration
Prince From Queens And Fritz From Harlem
Street Legends, The Drugs Kept The Hood From Starvin
Pushin Cars, Nicky Barnes Was The 70'S
But There's A Long List Of High-Profile Celebrities
Worldwide On The Thorough Side Of Things
Livest Kings, Some Died, One Guy, One Time
One Day Grabs Me, As I'm About To Blast Heat
40-Side Of Vernon, I Turned Well He Asked Me
Whatchu Up To, The Cops Gon' Bust You
I Was A Teen Drunk Off Brew, Stumbled I Wondered
If God Sent Him, Cause Two Squad Cars Entered The Block
And Looked At Us, I Ain't Flinch When They Watched
I Took It Upstairs, The Bathroom Mirror, Brushed My Hair
Starin At A Young Disciple, I Almost Gave My Life To What The Dice Do
Yeah Man, Throwin Them Bones
Hopin My Ace Get His Case Thrown
His Girl Ain't Wait For Him, She In The World Straight Hoein
While He Lookin At Centerfolds Of Pretty Girls
Showin They Little Cooch, Gangstas Don't Die He's Livin Proof
The D.a. Who Tried Him Was Lyin
A White Dude, Killed His Mother Durin The Case
Hung Jury, Now The D.a. Is Bein Replaced
Pre-Trial Hearin Is Over, It's Real For The Soldier
Walks In The Courtroom, The Look In His Eyes Is Wild
Triple-Homicide, I Sit In The Back Aisle
I Wanna Crack A Smile When I See Him
Throw Up A Fist For Black Power, Cause All We Want Is His Freedom
He Grabbed A Court Officer's Gun And Started Squeezin
Then He Grabbed The Judge, Screams Out -- Nobody Leavin Everybody

Get Down, Get Down! Get Down, Get D