Paroles officielles de la chanson «Lie» : Dream Theater

Chanson originale : Lie
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Lie"

At The Bottom Of Lake
It's A Hundred Degrees I Can't Breathe
And I Won't Get Out
'Til I Figure It Out
Though I'm Weak Like I Can't Believe
So You Tell Me 'Trust Me' L Can Trust You
Just Let Me Show You
But I Gotta Work It Out In A Shadow Of Doubt
'Cause I Don't Know If I Know You

Doing Fine But Don't Waste My Time
Tell Me What It Is You Want To Say
You Sin, You Win, Just Let Me In - Hurry
I've Been Out In The Rain All Day
So You Tell Me 'Trust Me' I Can Trust You
As Far As I Can Throw You
And I'm Trying To Get Out Of A Shadow Of Doubt
'Cause I Don't Know If I Know You

Don't Tell Me You Wanted Me
Don't Tell Me You Thought Of Me
I Won't, I Swear I Won't
I'll Try, I Swear I'll Try

Mother Mary Quite Contrary
Kiss The Boys And Make Them Wary
Things Are Getting Just A Little Bit Scary
It's A Wonder I Can Still Breathe

Never Been Much Of A Doubting Thomas
But Nothing Breaks Like A Broken Promise
You Tell Me 'Bout Your Two More Coming
But Once Is Just Enough For Me


I Had Gotten Used To Being A Soul Destroyed
She Comes In Apparently To Fill The Void
All Dogs Need A Leash And
At Least I'll Forget It
And She Would Never Hurt Me Though
She's Never Said It
But I'm Not Gonna Ask Her Today
I Don't Wanna Scare Her Away
Your Town, I'm All Alone
And I Just Can't Stare At The Phone
I Wanna Talk About Lifelong Mistakes
And You Can Tell Your Stepfather I Said So