Paroles officielles de la chanson «I'm A Hustla» : Cassidy

Compositeurs : Timothy Z. Mosley
Chanteurs : Cassidy
Éditeurs : Warner Chappell Music France, Wb Music Corp.
Albums :

Paroles officielles de la chanson "I'm A Hustla"

I'm A Hustler, I'm A Hustler Homey
I Got The Product, Narcotics For Customers Homey
Feins Open They Be Smoking Like A Muffler Homey
Niggas Phoney So I Only Got A Couple Of Homey
If You A Hustler I Could, I Could Fuck Wit You Homey
You Spend A Couple Of Bucks I Stay In Touch With You Homey
I Get Money I Get 20 To K I Got 20 Strip Although I'm 20 Today
I Get Cake From Buds And Haze I'm Making Dubs
They Hating Cause I'm On The Grind Like I'm Making Love
With Cops Got The Block Hot Like A Jamaican Club
Cop Wait, Wait For A Droute Then I Make A Fllod
Try To Take My Cake You Gone Take A Slug
But You Can Take My Information If You Taking Drugs
Cause I Can Sell Raid To A Bug
I'm A Hustler I Can Sell Salt To A Slug

I'm A Hustler, I'm A I'm A Hustler Homey
I'm A Hustler, I'm A I'm A Hustler Homey
Nigga Ask About Me Nigga Nigga Ask About Me

[Verse 2]
Married To The Game, Same Bride Just A New Dru
I Do More Then Just Do To
Cause My Bills Come In To Soon, My Son Gone Be Two Soon
Royalty Check Come In Like Once In A Bluemoon
But I'm Getting My Doe For Doing Shows
I Made More Money On The Grind Then On The Road
That's Why I Stay Fly And Flying On Hoes
Car's Are So Cool,Aston No Shoes
Just A Rubberband On My Wrist, No Jewels
I Ain't Got To Prove I'm Rich, I'm No Fool
I Know The Rules I Ain't Got Time For It
And They Will Hateyou Deal With The Real Cake
And They On The Corner
From Morning To Real Late
I Deal Weight And If You Bastards Dought Me
I'm A Hustler Ask About, Ask About Me


[Verse 3]
Yeah They Made You Got Saved Don't Be Spend The Change
In Fifth Grade I Was Hustling My Genesis Game
I Was Dumb Young Selling Chew Gum To My Classmate
On The Cash Chase Moving At A Fast Pace
Never Been A Dummy Never Did What The Dummies Do
So I Had A Mill To Burn Before I Turned 22
More Money , More Problem Is True Cause The More Money
I Make The More Problem For You
Yeah I Used Dude Voice Props To The Boy Sean
He Made It A Hot Line I Made A Hot Song
So Stop Drawing Man You Got To Respect It
I'm The Best Swizz Got To Perfected Don't Mess With
C-A-Double S-I-D-Ycause I Became The Best When B-I-G Died
The Kid Do It Big Like P-U-N Cuse
I'm Nice P-A-C With The P-E-N