Paroles officielles de la chanson «Pass That Dutch» : Missy Elliott

Chanson originale : Pass That Dutch
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Pass That Dutch"

[spoken] listen up everyone

we have been just informed that there's an unknown virus that is attacking all clubs

symptoms have been said to be heavy breathin, wild dancin, coughin'

so when you hear da sound [beat]

run for cover mothafucker

[pass that dutch x8]

misdemeanor on da floor

pretty boy here i come

pumps in the bum make u wanna hurt somethin

i can take ur man, i dont have to sex em

hang em out the window, call me michael jackson

i'm a pain in your rectum

i am that bitch all slept on

heavy hitter ryhmes betta call me re-run

hey, hey, hey i'm whats happenen

and now to get my drink (that's right)

shake your ass to da sink (that's right)

mr.mose on da beat (that's right)

puttin down for da streets (that's right)


pass that dutch x4

(pass that dutch) c'mon pass the dutch baby

shake shake shake your stuff away

pass that dutch x4

pop dat, pop dat, jiggle dat fat

don't stop gettin til your clothes get wet

numba one, drums go bump, bump, bump

this beat here will make you hump, pump, jump

if you's a fat one

put your clothes back on

before you start puttin potholes in my lawn

oh my god, show my lawd

i'm under attack like my name is saddam

i am the bomb from new york to milan

and i can write a song sicker than jeffrey john

who touched my car alarm

breakin my car, you will hear viper arm

i've been a superstar since daddy king was raw

i'm live on stage c'mon and give me some applaude

(applause) thank you, oh thank you, you all are so wonderful