Paroles officielles de la chanson «Break Ya Neck» : Busta Rhymes

Chanson originale : Break Ya Neck
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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Break Ya Neck"

Yea.. Check It Out, See
The Only Thing You Need To Do Right Here Is,
Is Nod Your Fuckin Head
Yeah, Yeah
Break Ya Fuckin Neck Bitches
Yeah, Yeah
Here We Go Now..

Where We Goin Now?
Where We Goin Now?
Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now
Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now
Just Give It Away Nigga
Yeah, Here We Go Now

[Verse 1]
Tell Me Wat'chu Really Wanna Do (Come Here Ma)
Talk To A Nigga, Talk With Me
You Look Like You Could Really Give It To A Nigga,
From The Way You Talk And The Way Ya Try To Walk For Me
The Way You Really Try To Put It On A Dawg
Threw Ya Hips Like Ya Never Did Before For Me
The Way You Break Yo' Back, And I Break Yo' Neck,
And The Way You Try To Put It On The Floor For Me
(Come On!) Come On (Come On!) Oh Yeah
Tell Me Where My Niggas Is At (Ok!!)
Lemme Address Y'all Niggas One Time,
While I Lock That Down, And I Hit'cha Wit That (You Gone!)
That Bomb Shit, Y'all Niggas Gone All Day
Be The Nigga In The Drop,
Y'all Niggas Know Every Time I Come Through,
This Motherfucker, Where We Always Takin The Ride
(So Let Me Do This Bitch)
Y'all Niggas Know When We Come, We Be Makin It Flop,
The Way We Makin It Hot'll Make A Nigga Wanna Stop... {*Pause*}
Get Money, Then Cash That Check For Me
All My Niggas Just Bust Yo' Tech For Me
Everybody From Every Hood Bang Yo' Head,
'Til You Break Your Motherfuckin Head For Me!

Just Let Me Give You Real Street Shit,
To Ride In Yo' Shit With
Recline Yo' Seat, Rewind This Heat
Keep Bouncin Up And Down These Streets