Paroles officielles de la chanson «Hold On» :

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Hold On"

[Kim - Verse One]
Oh How It Hurts, Like Child Birth
The Wounds Heal Slow, You Just Don't Know
At Times, I Don't Know What To Say
And All I Do Is Pray, Day To Day
But Still, I Feel My Strength Might Die
Like Right Now, I'm Tryin' Hard Not To Cry
Even When I Close My Eyes, I Still See It
Damn, I Just Don't Believe It
The Bad Times I Buried, Like The Cemetery
Unworthy People Playin' Beneficiaries
A Lotta People Eatin' Off Of One Man's Death
Don't You Worry B.i., I'ma Ride To My Last Breath
You Killas, Caused A Lotta Devastation
You Have No Idea What You Did To This Nation
I Fuckin' Hate You, Excuse My Frustration
But Just When I'm About To Quit, God Tells Me To Just

[Mary J. Blige - Chorus]
Don't You Give Up, Be Strong
Hold On, Hold On
Things Are Gonna Get Better
Tough Times, They Last So Long
Hold On, Hold On
If You Believe, They Will Get Better

[Kim - Verse Two]
Frank White, The Man With The Money And The Fame
Passed Away, Now Bitches Wanna Claim His Name
I Been With My Nigga Before He Came In The Game
No One's, No V's, We Used To Take The Train
Just Us And The Mafia Goin' Out To Parties
I Guess Back Then We Was Real Nobodies
But He Was My Nigga, And I Was His Bitch
I Rolled Hard With Him, How Could I Forget Him
Had Beef With Yo Wife That Ain't Patched Up
But Still Got Love For Your Kids
Even Wrote 'Em In My Will
And I'ma Make Sure The Fam Keep A Decent Meal
No Matter What I Got To Do, Or Who I Got To Kill
Shit Is Real, Baby, There Ain't No Appeal
If I'm Fucked Up, Imagine How Mrs. Wallace Feels
Sometimes I Sit