Paroles officielles de la chanson «Turn Me On» : Vitamin C

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Paroles officielles de la chanson "Turn Me On"

Are you gonna turn me on?

or are you gonna turn on me?

it's just a sense, really nothing clear

is this desire, or is this fear?

do i let you in, do i shut you out?

is this control, or is this doubt?

you move so close, that i feel your sweat?

is it time to go, but not just yet?

here's the thing, is it love or hate?

is it right or wrong, can we get it straight?

can we just, get it straight?

i laugh along, by the door

play a game, still there's more

you stare so deep, it gives me a chill

maybe we should, wait until

when it's no surprise, when i feel your weight

i can't react, it's up to fate

up to fate

is this a dream? is this a dream?

touch my shoulder, could you be colder?